Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know

Nuvaring Side Effects - Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know

Good evening. Today, I discovered Nuvaring Side Effects - Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know. Which is very helpful in my opinion and also you. Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know

Many women and their male partners have a lot of questions on excess vaginal wetness...and usually while intimate relations.

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Nuvaring Side Effects

What is general wetness and what can you do about excess vaginal wetness? ..Read on and find out.

It is quite general for a woman's vagina to be commonly moist Additionally, mucus is produced by the woman's cervix all straight through her monthly cycle, and the nature of that mucus changes in response to her body's hormone production.

These secretions can be more or less, can taste from sweet to salty to sour, and changes from thin to thicker mucus as well.

Every woman should know herself, and how her daily secretions are, and if authentically there is excess vaginal wetness.

However, in times of sexual stimulation, especially while the arousal phase, veins in the woman's pelvis, vulva, and clitoris will begin to dilate and fill with blood.

This will moderately manufacture the whole area feel flushed (known as vasocongestion). Now in the vagina, this swelling stimulates a kind of sweating, and produces a fluid that moistens the vaginal lips. This secretion will also moisten the entrance to the woman's vagina, facilitating penetration.

In case your partner performs oral sex on you, the fluids you will feel will be both, as some general woman-mucus and the urination from sexual excitement.

Too Much or Not Enough?

It is a fact that too much wetness while sex reduces pleasure for both partners.

Women will lose greater stimulation along the vaginal walls, while men wont feel the 'tight' sensation approximately all men love.

If a woman does not have sufficient wetness, then intercourse is painful for her and her partner, and thus unenjoyable.

There may be a medical presume why the woman is too wet, so she should see your physician to be sure there is no infection, abnormalities, or other question causing your excess wetness.

What to Do If There is Too Much Wetness?

There are a few practical solutions, and some work for some women, some do not for others. So if there is the question of excess vaginal wetness, try one or more of the following solutions:

1. Try an antihistamine. This is in the over-the-counter cold remedies. This usually works, but use the ones that do not make your drowsy, unless you wish to be.

2. Have a drink or two before sex.

3. If it is allowed in your area, smoke before sex, and this can be cigarettes or something similar.

4. Try a vaginal irrigation before sex with plain cold water.

5. while sex, place a towel under the woman, and have a clean cloth or sycophant ready. Try the easy blotting technique, and it will take up a great deal of the outside discharge.

6. Put the lady on her side while sex or try the doggy position...and this usually reverse the flow of sweat and mucus.

7. Specialty creams. There are some on the market, and must be used at the peril of the couple, as these usually do not work.

8. Turn of diet. Often a major Turn of diet has an follow on such mucus and discharge, and can be beneficial. A vegetarian diet is said to regulate such phenomenon.

The Konov Principle

Whatever recipe used, it should be realized that there is a happy medium in the middle of too little and too much (excessive) vaginal wetness.

A excellent clarification to this is to apply the Konov Principle of self-awareness, by drawing your consciousness into the vagina itself, and visualizing the optimum and wholesome amount of wetness that is required.

Practice of this practice is said to increase greatly the awareness of the vagina, and let a natural self-regulation occur.

Excessive vaginal wetness will become general vaginal wetness.

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  1. What? The nuvaring excess wetness side effect made my sex life better! My partner enjoys it too. The only complaint he made about the nuvaring is that he can sometimes feel it during sex. Is there a way we can get rid of that problem while still being safe from unplanned pregnancy?