Iud Advantages and Disadvantages

Nuvaring Side Effects - Iud Advantages and Disadvantages

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Iud is one of the most sufficient methods of birth control. It is settled in the uterine cavity of woman and having a thread hangs down into the upper part of vagina. Currently, there are two types of Iud. One is Copper Iud and other is progesterone hormone Iud. Like many other contraceptives Iud also have some advantages and disadvantages. In order to make you very clear about Iud below are some proven advantages and disadvantages that can help you to chose Iud as a method of birth control.

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Nuvaring Side Effects


o It is immediately sufficient when placed.

o It is not expensive. The sufficient cost of using Iud in comparison with other types of birth operate method is very low.

o You can enjoy sexual intercourse without any interruption.

o You do not have to remember any thing to do that means you do not want any daily attention.

o It is long lasting. Once it is fitted it can work for more than 5 years.

o It does not turn the hormone level of your body as you may suffer in the case of daily pills.

o If it is properly inserted and maintained it is very sufficient to prevent pregnancy and the failure rate is only about 1 or 2%. Any way you must use condoms in order to prevent yourself from Sexual Transmitted Disease.

o It is very easy to use. There is only one insertion and you will have to check the threads periodically.

o If Iud is settled in a literal, manner and properly maintained, you will get rapid return of fertility after removing Iud.

o You have got fitted Iud, it becomes a inexpressive matter to you as your partner cannot detect it.

o It has no systematic side effects.


o Iud does not give you protection against sexually transmitted disease. So it is recommended that you must use condoms along with Iud while go for sex.

o You cannot insert or remove Iud by yourself. Only a trained physician or nurse can do it.

o You may have a longer, heavier and more painful period. Any way it may improve in few months. But there may be an average increased blood loss.

o It may injure the uterus while fitting.

o Iud may lead to infection in three weeks after insertion.

o Iud may lead to higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease that can cause infertility.

o While using Iud if you got pregnant it may lead to a severe infection. Any way it is very rare that a woman get pregnant while using Iud. In this case a woman come to be pregnant only when the Iud is out of place. In this case you must got you Iud removed as soon as possible.

o Iud may expel itself from the uterine cavity without arrival to your knowledge. It may occur while the menstrual period.

Irrespective of the disadvantages, if settled and maintained properly, Iud can be a very sufficient method for birth control.

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